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Organise and process biological data more easily and cost-effectively

Managing and processing data is an essential aspect of modern quantitative biological research. However, this does not mean that it is easy.

To meet this challenge we have built up tools and training material to help researchers organise and process their data more easily and cost-effectively.

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Package data and metadata into a beautiful box
Package data and metadata into a dataset

Our tools allow researchers to package data and metadata into a beautiful box. We refer to this box as a dataset.

Organise and backup datasets easily

Having the data and metadata packaged as self contained entities makes it easy to move datasets around to organise them and create remote backup copies.

Our tools work with both traditional file system as well as cloud options, such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure, giving researchers the ability to chose the storage solution that best suits their needs.

Organise and backup data easily
Find your box of interest amongs other ones
Find datasets of interest

The packaged metadata can be used to locate a box of interest among lots of other boxes, without the need of having access to or maintaining a central database.

Verify the contents of datasets

The packaged metadata can be used to verify the integrity of the data items in the box, giving researchers peace of mind that the data underpinning their scientific results are safe and secure.

Verify items in a box
Dataset to dataset processing
Data processing

Our tools provide programmatic access to the items in a dataset. This makes it easy to fit datasets into processing pipelines.

The tools can be used to take a data centric approach to compute, transforming one dataset into another dataset. The data centric approach to compute is powerful because it automates many of the overheads associated with managing data.

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