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About Us

Dr Tjelvar Olsson

Tjelvar has a background in scientific software development and research. He holds a position as a scientific computing lab manager at the John Innes Centre, where he works with research groups to help manage and analyse the data they produce.

He did his undergraduate and PhD in biochemistry at University College London. After finishing his PhD Tjelvar worked at the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre managing their life-science products.

Tjelvar is interested in how science and technology impact individuals and society. In particular how we can use computers to do better research and make life easier for ourselves.

Dr Matthew Hartley

Matthew studied Experimental and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge, followed by a PhD in Computational Neuroscience from the University of London. Matthew is now Head of Informatics at the John Innes Centre where he leads a team of scientists and software engineers providing support, training and technical expertise in scientific computing and bioinformatics.

Matthew is interested in quantitative image analysis methods in biology, effective scientific data management for large biological datasets, the development of reproducible scientific computing infrastructure and approaches for training scientists in computational skills.


To give researchers confidence that their data is safe and secure we want to make data management a seamless and unobtrusive process that happens automatically in the background

To empower researchers to make use of the most cost-effective storage resources we want to make access to data hosted in the cloud as easy as if it was on one's own machine.

To enable researchers to analyse their data as quickly as possible we want to make data processing in the cloud and on high-performance computing clusters as easy as analysing data on one's own machine.

Dtool Solutions

We provide advice, consultancy and custom solutions for scientific data management and processing. If you would like to know more please get in touch with us: info@dtool-solutions.com.